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Roll for Victory! Wizards Keeps OGL 1.0 Unchanged and License the SRD Under Creative Commons

Dungeons & Dragons fans, hold onto your dice, because it’s time to celebrate! Wizards of the Coast has listened to the voices of the tabletop RPG community and announced that the beloved D&D OGL 1.0 will remain unchanged. And let’s just say, the players made their stance crystal clear.

More than 15,000 gamers filled out a survey to give their two cents on the proposed changes to OGL 1.2 and boy, did they deliver. With a resounding 88% saying “nope, not interested” to publishing under the new rules and 90% saying they’d have to make major changes to their businesses, the message was loud and clear. And to top it off, a whopping 89% were none too thrilled about OGL 1.0 being deauthorized.

Looks like the powers that be took note, because OGL 1.2 has been scrapped and D&D OGL 1.0 will stay exactly as it is. That’s right, players, you’re the real MVPs!

Wizards of the Coast is also taking a step in the right direction by freeing up the Systems Reference Document (SRD) 5.1 with a Creative Commons license, making it available for all to use. They’re letting the players guide the future of play and we couldn’t be more excited.

So, let’s raise a 20-sided die to the victory of the tabletop RPG community! The players, content creators, and publishers have spoken and D&D OGL 1.0 remains unchanged. We’re ready for another round of epic adventures, are you?





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